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Timber Newsletters
From timber technology leader Outdoor Structures Australia

Timber Newsletters
Collated and edited by timber technology veteran Ted Stubbersfield, these informative and practical articles keep you in touch with developments in timber technology for outdoor structures. Subscribe now to receive these free email newsletters - published most months.

2015 Newsletters

November 2015 Newsletter Designing for the Local Climate, Some basics about Boardwalks/Decks (880KB PDF)

October 2015 Newsletter Timber Footbridges book published, Pre-made riser and stair kits & Bollards - Let the buyer beware; (1MB PDF)

September 2015 Newsletter Timber Footbridges pending publication; Using Laminated Beams and LVL Beams externally (700KB PDF)

August 2015 Newsletter New timber publication, Ensure varandah joist life, Architectural Timber Battens, Bolt-down HD Bollards (1MB PDF)

July 2015 Newsletter Changes to Traffic Barriers & Bollards, When to Use Stainless Bolts & Brackets (880KB PDF)

June 2015 Newsletter New Prestige Bollard Released, Inspect Timber Research Facilities, and Feedback on Deficient Timber Standards (650KB PDF)

May 2015 Newsletter Where is Timber Construction Headed? (1.2MB PDF)

April 2015 Newsletter Domestic Deck: Nail or screw? And Log Footbridges (600KB PDF)

March 2015 Newsletter Standards You Can Drive a Bus Through! (730KB PDF)

February 2015 Newsletter 50mm Decking joists - a reminder. Flinders Range of park furniture expanded & improved (1MB PDF)

January 2015 Newsletter Durability of Thermally Modified Wood (730KB PDF)

December 2014 Newsletter About 150x150 timber posts: Why does no-one Listen? (420KB PDF)

November 2014 Newsletter New Deckwood Option to Help you Avoid Arguements (700KB PDF)

October 2014 Newsletter Dance floors & Decks. How not to do a handrail post (980KB PDF)

September 2014 Newsletter Plastic or Hardwood Bollards? Laser Etching for Signage (850KB PDF)

August 2014 Newsletter Good Handrail Design (600KB PDF)

July 2014 Newsletter Changeover to Deckmaster (620KB PDF)

June 2014 Newsletter A Reminder about Dressed Decking and Springsure Truss Bridge (950KB PDF)

May 2014 Newsletter Domestic Decking Feature and Outdoor Structures products now produced by DeckMaster (750KB PDF)

April 2014 Newsletter Timber Queensland Flooring and Decking Seminar and a look at Wood Durability (500KB PDF)

Don’t miss this timely presentation: “Designing Better Decks” is a presentation For Timber Queensland authored by Ralph Bailey B.Arch (Hons) FRAIA of Guymer Bailey Architects. (7MB PDF)

March 2014 Newsletter Beware! Hardwood at Groundline (475KB PDF)

February 2014 Newsletter Timber decking Fungal Growth (200KB PDF)

January 2014 Newsletter Plain talking about Plastic Decking (360KB PDF)

December 2013 Newsletter “Tannum Blue Boardwalk and Deck” (580KB PDF)

November 2013 Newsletter “What will we do with our Hardwood Plantations?” (760KB PDF)

October 2013 Newsletter “What hope is there for the hardwood industry?” (860KB PDF)

September 2013 Newsletter Warning about Garo Garo (Pacific Tallowwood) (300KB PDF)

August 2013 Newsletter Riverstone Rise, Boyne Island Rd, Boyne Island, Qld(500KB PDF)

July 2013 Newsletter “Why You Cannot 'Preserve' Sawn Hardwood.” (400KB PDF)

June 2013 Newsletter “Why does reason go out the window when considering a timber option?” (800KB PDF)

May 2013 Newsletter Safety Must Take Precedence Over Beauty (370KB PDF)

April 2013 Newsletter Lessons from a Failed Boardwalk (450KB PDF)

March 2013 Newsletter Another domestic deck collapse and other warnings (430KB PDF)

March 2013 (Special) Newsletter Discussion forum on plastic decking (Interim document pending finalisation) (120KB PDF)

February 2013 Newsletter 1 in a 100 Floods, UV specifications and Timber Preservation Guide (470KB PDF)

January 2013 Newsletter F17 specification, Grantham project, 3D printing and more (510KB PDF)

December 2012 Newsletter “Use the right product when building a deck” (200KB PDF)

November 2012 Newsletter “Fibre composite joists” (500KB PDF)

October 2012 Newsletter “Is timber design dead?” And Deck Fatality (700KB PDF)

September 2012 Newsletter “Forgive me father for I have sinned.” (620KB PDF)

August 2012 Newsletter “Timber used in Grantham reconstruction” (720KB PDF)

July 2012 Newsletter “Hello Infrastrucxion! And very long span bridges.” (550KB PDF)

June 2012 Newsletter Various timber matters. (620KB PDF)

May 2012 Newsletter Timber decking: Identify and assess that defect. (670KB PDF)

April 2012 Newsletter “Foot-bridges of all shapes and designs” More on the Flinders BBQ table. (750KB PDF)

March 2012 Newsletter “Decking - Gaps, timber substitution and more” (665KB PDF)

February 2012 Newsletter Handrials & horses and large playground shelters (665KB PDF)

January 2012 Newsletter “Post Flood Redevelopment at Grantham” and more decking advice (560KB PDF)

December 2011 Newsletter What Timber Species is That? (410KB PDF)

November 2011 Newsletter F17 and F11 KD Hardwood Specifications (480KB PDF)

October 2011 Newsletter Grantham redevelopment and Long span bridges (700KB PDF)

September 2011 Newsletter Malthoid a mixed blessing, Timber decking gaps & new boardwalk projects (350KB PDF)

August 2011 Newsletter Various timber issues (350KB PDF)

July 2011 Newsletter Specifications for the use of recycled timber (340KB PDF)

June 2011 Newsletter Boardwalks and fire plus two new projects (630KB PDF)

May 2011 Newsletter 4th Australian Small Bridge Conference (275KB PDF)

April 2011 Newsletter “Installing Freestanding Posts in Supports” (340KB PDF)

March 2011 Newsletter “Installing Structural Posts in Concrete” (420KB PDF)

February 2011 Newsletter “Laying Deckwood on Concrete with Restricted Clearance Underneath” (350KB PDF)

January 2011 Newsletter “Gaps in decking & safety requirments” (400KB PDF)

December Newsletter Timber Treatment continued (365KB PDF)

November Newsletter Timber Treatment 101 (545KB PDF)

October Newsletter New range of bridges (430KB PDF)

September Newsletter More on tannin staining, also the use of Blackbutt timber (270KB PDF)

August Newsletter “Timber For Life” (300KB PDF)

July Newsletter “Various Timber Matters” (260KB PDF)

June Newsletter “Simplifying Wire Balustrade Systems” (280KB PDF)

May Newsletter “Why Are Unsuitable Bridges Being Installed?” (280KB PDF)

April Newsletter “Designing Timber Structures for Durability” (250KB PDF)

March Newsletter “Timber sizes can be difficult” (250KB PDF)

February Newsletter “Decks that kill!” (250KB PDF)

January Newsletter “When is a preservative not a preservative” (275KB PDF)



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