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Outdoor Structures Australia has hardwood bollards designed visual framing, traffic & pedestrian control applications

Park Timber Bollards/Posts

What is a park bollard?
Park environments are predominately open and uncluttered, resulting in bollard lines being read on mass. In addition, park bollards are often experienced at a pedestrian scale, resulting in a personal engagement with the individual items. The function of bollards in a park environment ›

Examples of Park Timber Bollards

Outdoor Structures Australia’s Heavy-duty timber bollard range

Heavy Duty range of Traffic Barrier, Bollards & Fencing ›

Outdoor Structures Australia’s Heritage timber bollard range

Heritage timber bollard range ›

Outdoor Structures Australia’s Baychester timber bollard range

Baychester range of Timber Bollards, Fencing & Signs ›
Design Tools ›

Outdoor Structures Australia’s heavy-duty tree surround

Heavy-duty tree surround ›

Urban Timber Bollards

Outdoor Structures Australia’s Eclipse range of urban timber bollard range

Eclipse Timber Bollards ›
Design Tools ›

What is an urban bollard?
Urban bollards have quite different roles to a park bollard, being primarily sited in key locations to define decision points and mark boundaries. Situations that require the long ‘soldier’ runs typical of park bollards rarely occur in urban environments.

In the urban setting, ground level vistas loose clear perspective lines due to fragmentation by both the activity of people and competing street furniture. Bollards in these locations require particular characteristics to enable them to compete for visual space in a cluttered environment and fulfill their intended role. The function of bollards in urban settings ›

Esplanade Timber Bollards

Outdoor Structures Australia’s Double Eclipse timber bollard range

Double Eclipse timber bollards

What is an Esplanade bollard?
The ‘pedestrianisation’ of city spaces as a mechanism to revitalize city centres, industrial landscapes and waterfronts has meant that this city form typified by malls, boulevards and river walks has become increasingly popular.

Even though many of these spaces have a heritage as a vehicular street, esplanades tend to be strongly pedestrian in focus and the long vistas available result in an aesthetic language that is based in the formality and repetition of structure. The function of bollards in Esplanade settings ›

Pioneer Posts™

The Pioneer Post™, measuring 192x192mm allows a designer to obtain a large section bollard but produced from the small diameter logs that are available now. Normal 200x200mm timber posts split and leave very unhappy clients but the Pioneer Post™ ensures a happy outcome for all parties.

The Pioneer Post™ is a heavy load bearing item and so allows the designer to have a unifying theme between bollards and structures. See the full details of Pioneer Posts™ ›

Outdoor Structures Australia’s

Pioneer Posts™ in a park setting

Outdoor Structures Australia’s

Pioneer Posts™ as part of a design feature

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