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Baychester Range of Timber Bollards, Fencing & Signs

The Baychester range of products is made from durable 125x125 rough sawn hardwood. It has a tapered top, pencil rounded corners and a single groove. Treatment with Tanalith E (Copper Azole) (Chrome & Arsenic free) is done after all fabrication. Customised product can easily be accommodated.

Timber Bollards

Baychester Range of Timber BollardsBollards are available in standard lengths of 1.2, 1.35, 1.5 and 1.8 metres. Normal depth in ground is 0.6m. Some 1.2m bollards are normally stocked. Galvanized Bases for lift-out bollards are available. Galvanized Bases for lift-out bollards from the Baychester Range of Timber Bollards

“Baychester” bollards › (120 KB PDF brochure).

Specify: Outdoor Structures Australia Baychester12, Outdoor Structures Australia Baychester1350, Outdoor Structures Australia Baychester15, Outdoor Structures Australia Baychester18.

Timber Fencing

Baychester Range of Timber Fencing Matching fencing is available based on the 1.8m bollard in conjunction with Outdoor Structures Australia’s Vertical Handrail VR145/44. You can specify the number of rails and spacing. See suggested one and two rail arrangement (160KB PDF).

See also a disabled or bikeway compliant handrail › Please discuss your specific requirements with Outdoor Structures Australia

Specify: Outdoor Structures Australia Baychester18 and Outdoor Structures Australia VR14544

Dressed pencil rounded balustrade can be supplied to your requirements. Refer to table of Standard Green Off Saw sizes - use unseasoned dressed column.

Specify: Balustrade will be a special

Above photos by Denis Clark Photography  

Timber Signage

Timber signage to match the bollards and fencing Signage is available to match the bollards and fencing. They are custom made to suit your signage requirements.

Signage drawing › (130 KB PDF)

Specify: Outdoor Structures Australia Baychester Sign, actual sign dimensions (nominate) high, (nominate) wide.


Installation of Timber Bollards › (120KB PDF)

Standard Bollard drawing › (80KB PDF)

Beware of low grade and CCA treated bollards! Timber Product Substitution ›


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