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Heritage Range of Timber Bollards

Outdoor Structures Australia's Heritage Bollards are manufactured from 100x100 mm hardwood. They provide a lower cost alternative to the 200x100 mm range shown in the Traffic Control Products. Heritage Bollards can be used in areas where there is less likelihood of vehicle intrusion. A complimentary range of tree surrounds allows a park to be laid out with a uniform theme. A variety of lengths and nine standard top designs provides flexibility to suit most customer's requirements.

The bollards are manufactured from hardwood using species suitable for the application. Care is taken to ensure that the portion above ground is graded to give an attractive appearance. The edges have a 6mm radius to reduce the likelihood of splinters.

Our Heritage Bollards can be supplied treated and ready for painting or pre painted in two colours. Our standard colours are Dulux brunswick green for the posts with heritage red trims but a client's colour scheme can normally be accommodated. Pre painted products are wrapped with waterproof building paper to prevent damage to the finish during installation.

Outdoor Structures Australia has the flexibility needed to produce similar products but to your own design. Knives can be ground to produce a profiled head that is exclusive to one customer. Decorative face routing on the posts is also available.


Installation of Timber Bollards › (120KB PDF)

Beware of low grade and CCA treated bollards! Timber Product Substitution ›


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