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Timber Decking Documentation

Domestic under-roof Shotedge Decking:
Timber decking has experienced a resurgence in popularity in new home construction together with adding decks to an existing high set homes. There are a number of important design considerations in using timber.

Guide to shotedge decking   (A 77KB PDF)

This easy-to-read article explores the timber decking issues and how to deal with them.

Selection Guide for Deckwood Timber
Deckwood Selection Guide: This 12 page Deckwood Selection Guide covers deckwood profile and specifications, span loadings, fixings, timber finishes, and maintenance as well as engineering data.
Order hard copies Hard copy versions are available for $10.00 ($AUD) + $5.00 ($AUD) Postage and Handling, each per copy.

Maintaining Deckwood around pools:
Deckwood around pools   (A 28KB PDF)
How should pool-side timber decking be maintained to maximise its life-span?

See Commercial Outdoors Deckwood and LifePlus® Decking


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