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LifePlus® Hardwood Timber Decking is a new and improved timber decking product for domestic and light-commercial applications. LifePlus® delivers longer life plus improved performance, particularly in weather exposed conditions.

LifePlus® timber decking features:

Selected Australian Hardwoods
LifePlus® is manufactured from selected Australian hardwoods recognised as delivering superior performance in fully weather exposed conditions.

Exposed face
LifePlus® is manufactured to a high standard on the exposed face for improved timber weathering performance.

Timber preservative
Outdoor Structures Australia deckwood is treated with Tanalith E a new generation timber preservative which does not include CCA - in other words - treatment is with a non-chrome & non-arsenic preservative.

How to avoid dissatisfaction

Problems and associated dissatisfaction with a timber deck can originate in a number of areas unrelated to the quality of the decking timber. Issues arise in timber decks from:

To achieve satisfaction and the expected lifestyle benefits from your decking project requires quality in all aspects of project planning and delivery.

The LifePlus® Decking System has been developed to ensure this quality. The LifePlus® Decking System considers each of the important elements required to build a timber deck. The decking system specifies or gives advice as to suitable quality and good practices and integrates these elements into a project solution which performs well over a long life.

Combining good practice…

The LifePlus® Decking System combines good timber practices in:

The benefits of this total, integrated approach become more apparent in the medium to long-term as other decking projects without this approach may suffer from poor performance, premature deterioration and reduced enjoyment by its users.

The quality practices which comprise the LifePlus® Decking System are explained in the LifePlus® Decking Guide and the LifePlus® Decking - Essential Information and Recommendations.

For further information on LifePlus® Decking and availability please contact OSA via: sales@outdoorstructures.com.au or 07 5462 4255. For additional technical information, please refer to the LifePlus Decking web site ›


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