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Terra Force Landscapes using OSA TANACOAT

To the team of Outdoor Structures Australia, Terra Force Landscapes P/L would like to take this opportunity to thank you on the introduction of the all new heavy duty timber treatment, “Tanacoat”. Since the arrival of your new product we have saved countless dollars on maintenance work to our timber projects throughout Brisbane and Gold Coast Districts.

Prior to Tanacoat the majority of our timber projects were treated with CN Oil. We found this product to be good, but later realized that regular maintenance was required to uphold not only the quality of materials but also overall presentation of workmanship.

Combining the majority of our timber projects is Landscaping and irrigation systems, which meant the timber was subject to large amounts of moisture then the extreme temperature of the summer heat. We found especially in the maintenance period that our timber structures were drying out, cracking and greying very quickly. Tanacoat changed all that, it repelled the water and blocked out the extreme UV rays which allowed the materials to hold their natural colour and durability for much longer periods before reapplying.

Terra Force now buys Tanacoat by 200 litre drums and highly recommences this product to any commercial or domestic user.

Well done to the team of Outdoor Structures and may you have many more sales.

Regards Bernie Haebich
Structural Landscape Supervisor
Terra Force Landscapes P/L 21st June 2006

See OSA's TANACOAT for full information on this versatile Timber Finish. Includes Product Brochure, Technical Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet.

Please contact Outdoor Structures Australia for additional information.


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