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Kim Bowman Music

1. Giant Guiros:
The three poles are called Giant Guiros. Played by hands, sticks or whatever is available and suitable. Groves on sides produce a rasp sound. The tongues on the back have a specific pitch. The whole pole functions as a resonating chamber and therefor drum.

2. Marimba (8-key):
This Marimba is a 8 key pentatonic version. Also available in a 12 key diatonic version.

3. Accessible Marimba:
Designed for wheel chair access.

4. Marimba (12 key):
Tuned diatonic. Also available in Accessible version

5. Guiro Bench:
The seat is attached with springs to its legs. By sitting on one end sound gadgets inside the seat roll to one side. Groves on the side make a rasp sound. Tongues in the seat surface can be played with your hands.

6. Thong Drums:
By hitting the open ends with hands or thongs the pipes produce a low echoing pitch.

7. Rain Wheel:
The drum is suspended by barring. Beads inside the drum produce a 'rain', or 'shaker' sound.

8. Gong Drums:
Sustained gong sounds, each drum it's distinctive pitch. Played with hands or fingers. Can also be used as seats.

9. Chimes Tower:
When moving the suspended clinger, centred in a circle of nine chimes, ringing gong-like sounds are produced.

10. Bell Harp:
Seven tuned, clear bell like sounds are produced by using the attached mallets.

11. Sonic Tree Trunk:
Five tubes per pole containing a marble that starts rolling when the tube is lifted, causing a chiming sound. Comes as a single, set of three or set of five trunks.

12. Sculptures:
Engravings I use on all sculptures.

Kim Bowman Music:
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web: www.kimbowman.net

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