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Cannon Hill Anglican College Boardwalk

This boardwalk is part of the wetland rehabilitation project in the environmentally sensitive and gazetted melaleuca wetlands which are part of the extensive college grounds. The Cannon Hill Anglican College boardwalk is made up of a number of standard 2.4m panels with a specially designed hexagonal deck in the centre.

Boardwalk type 1 is the imaginative name given to our boardwalks built on bedlogs instead of posts and is available with or without handrails. Other configurations can be seen on the Sovereign Waters and Nashville Lagoon projects. Bedlogs are extremely durable and heavy and allow for very simple construction by unskilled labour. They are suitable where the soil is 50 kPa or better. A detailed construction guide is supplied with these boardwalks.

Engineer:Hexagonal deck and boardwalk systems: James Pierce and Associates

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