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Boardwalk Fleay's Wildlife Park
David Fleay Wildlife Park Boardwalk using Outdoor Structures Australia timber


Department of Environment & Resource Management


Condev Construction Pty Ltd


Opus International Consultants (Australia) Pty Ltd

The old boardwalk on the approach to Fleays Wildlife Park committed just about every sin that it was possible to commit when designing a boardwalk. I used to cringe when I walked on it. When the time came to replace it nothing could be saved. (OSA's philosophy is to design the substructure of a boardwalk so well that it only needs the decking replaced at the time of refurbishment). The construction contract for the replacement boardwalk was awarded to Condev Construction. They advised OSA that the tender was won on price and their excellence in Quality Assurance Systems.

The scope of works comprised two parts. The first, to construct a new access ramp from the lower car park, leading up to the entrance of the wildlife sanctuary. An elevation of approximately 9.5 metres with 153 lineal metres of timber decking and switchbacks. The second phase involved the replacement of the existing boardwalk that meanders through the natural mangroves for over half a kilometre. Outdoor Structures Australia's Deckwood was used throughout and the design of subframe was in keeping with our design guides and philosophy.

Undertaking construction in and around the park entailed dealing with environmentally sensitive ecosystems. Two of the biggest challenges encountered by Condev while working over the mangrove swamps and fish estuaries involved the demolition of the existing dilapidated boardwalk and sinking of concrete piers to support the proposed new boardwalk. These activities could only be undertaken during the low tides and while working off elevated catwalks so as to protect the mangroves. All materials, off-cuts and timber shavings had to be carried in and out of the mangroves by hand.

The overall use of rough sawn timbers, stone pitching and coloured concrete pathways engenders a harmonious vibe with the nature.

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