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Wearing Park Boardwalk

Asset Owner:

Logan City Council


Structerre Consulting Engineers

Prime Contractor:

T&H Leavi


Splendid Concreting

Boardwalk Systems:

Outdoor Structures Australia

Volute washers accommodate shrinkage

Volute washers accommodate shrinkage

This boardwalk was unusual in that it needed to carry a 2.5tonne, 4 wheel drive fire vehicle. We prepared the drawings for the superstructure based on our standard systems and then emailed the AutoCAD drawing through to the engineer. He checked them and simply dropped the file into his drawings and then designed the site specific superstructure.

With OSA preparing the layout the many points of detail we incorporate into our boardwalks were fully detailed.

With vehicle decks we like to adopt a high kerb for safety. This kerb is about 300mm high and uses our pioneer posts but treated to match the other timber. To take up the shrinkage on the kerbs and spacers, the kerb bolts used a volute washer under the nut. They should never need tightening. Deckwood and Joistwood are used throughout.

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