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Fitzgibbon Chase - Brisbane, Queensland

Asset Owner:

Urban Land Development Authority

Landscape Architect:

Place Design Group


Landscape Solutions

Bridge Supply:

Outdoor Structures Australia

Consulting Engineering 1997:

James Pierce and Associates

Consulting Engineering 2010:

James Pierce and Associates

The Site:
The ULDA works with local and state government, community, local landholders and development industry representatives to help deliver commercially viable developments that include diverse, affordable, sustainable housing, using best-practice urban design.

The Fitzgibbon UDA is bounded by the Aspley School district to the south, Telegraph Road to the north, Gympie Road to the west and the Gateway Motorway to the east. Due to the rarity of greenfield sites in close proximity to transport networks in Brisbane, the Fitzgibbon UDA is uniquely positioned for transformation into a modern residential suburb developed on transit oriented principles, that includes bushland and significant open space.

New Bridge:
The new bridge is a standard Stuart bridge fitted with a Carrs style handrail. This particular bridge uses a steel post instead of timber which is normal.

Refurbished Bridge:
One of the first bridges we supplied was a 2 span x 10m long footbridge with Lockyer handrail which was part of a development adjacent to what is now Fitzgibbon Chase. The bridge was in such good condition that it was decided to reinstall the bridge in a new location and refurbish the bridge with a handrail similar to that used in the new bridge. This refurbished bridge shows that our timber structures are not temporary structures.

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