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Timber Cladding: Chamfer & Weatherboard
Supplied through Wilson Timbers

See important notes below.   Click on the icon view image to view an example image of the cladding in use.

Cladding typeSpecs.InstalationImage

Traditional claddings for Chamfer and weatherboards

ChamferDrawing (PDF)Data Sheet (PDF)n/a
Weatherboard 175x25x6n/aData Sheet (PDF)view timber cladding image

Outdoor Structures Australia specials

156x32Drawing (PDF)n/aview timber cladding image
125x31Drawing (PDF)n/an/a
100x31Drawing (PDF)n/an/a
123x19 shiplapDrawing (PDF)n/aview timber cladding image
Cladding battenDrawing (PDF)n/aview timber cladding image

See Wilson Timbers’ Chamfer Board › and Wilson Timbers’ Hardwood Weatherboards ›

1. All sizes: Available only in lineal apart from short lengths.
2. For all sizes (apart from chamfer and weatherboard) a minimum order of 500m applies.
    Set-up fee applies for quantities under 1000m.

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