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Outdoor Structures Australia - Office
Design & Engineering:James Pierce and Associates
Construction:L & D Construction
Timber Doors:Gatton Joinery & Hardware

When we started trading in 1997 our budget for the office only stretched to a small 9x3 demountable. This was fine for two people with small sales but we quickly outgrew it. Unfortunately there was always another machine or storage shed to build before a new office. It got to the stage the only way we keep our sanity was to build a much larger and much more comfortable office.

We prepared a list of surplus material and sent that to our consulting engineer to try and design a building with these. The building had to reflect our position as the outdoor timber specialists. The end result is “not bad for a list of unwanted material”.

As we have come to expect from our consultant there are a number of innovations in this building including a unique external cladding system using horizontal battens and a post to timber connection that does not use a hideous and bulky post bracket. The external deck features our patented LifePlus decking.

Internally, each wall is lined using rose gum, spotted gum, iron bark and blackbutt. These serve as large panels displaying the species we make our flooring from. The heavy 300x200 posts and 250x100 rafters are exposed.

The office was opened on June 10, 2005 by Cameron Thompson, federal member for Blair.

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