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Twin Waters Footbridges
Client:Twin Waters Residential Community
Engineering:Cardno (Maroochydore Office)
Construction & installation:Outdoor Structures Australia

Project notes:
The Maroochydore office of Cardno is particularly skilled in timber bridge design and we have been proud to have worked with them on a number of timber and timber and steel bridge projects. To date the twin waters project has used 3 timber bridges which are a very similar in principal to our own standard bridges. The latest bridge is approx. 120 metres long. The piles were driven by others and surveyed locations were supplied to Outdoor Structures Australia and them the superstructure was fully pre-assembled in Gatton to the surveyed positions. OSA had its own builders cut the piles to length and then fitted the sections. A boardwalk about 150 metres in length adjoins the bridge. The boardwalk is similar to Outdoor Structures Australia’s own system was supplied by OSA.

Outdoor Structures Australia does not normally install its own bridges but we we have a longstanding arrangement with Cardno North Coast for this. OSA was not involved with the piling and bunds and acknowledges the assistance of Newman Contractors with bridge 1 and Shadforths with bridges 2 and 3.

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