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Grantham Flood Redevelopment

Asset Owner:

Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Civil Engineering:


Landscape Architect:

SPLAT by Cardno


Deicke Richards

Landscape Construction:


Civil Works:

Lockyer Valley Regional Council

In the October 2011 Newsletter (480KB PDF) an update was given on the aftermath of Inland tsunami that devastated parts of the Lockyer Valley where I live and OSA is situated.

Just 11 months to the day since our valley was at the epicentre of Queensland's worst ever flooding disaster, an historic housing estate to relocate affected residents was officially opened and the first residents moved in.

The Strengthening Grantham development will relocate flood-devastated residents of the shire to a housing estate out of the flood zone.

Outdoor Structures Australia was chosen to supply a wide range of timber products including:

  • Standard heavy Duty Bollards at 1.2 and 1.5 m (approx 900)
  • Custom bollards (approx 30)
  • Ascot Fencing designed by Cardno Splat (85 m)
  • Platforms designed by Cardno Splat (5 of)
  • Modified OSA Disabled barbecue table
  • Shelter Shed designed by Deicke Richards (8m x 8m)
  • Pioneer posts used as totems (20 of)

Three features make this development stand out.

Firstly, new parklands have been located in a prime position overlooking the valley, providing new recreational opportunities for residents who have relocated to the high ground, as well as those who have remained in the township.

Secondly, a public orchard has been planted. Grantham had large orchards in the past and this reflects the community's history. The school has undertaken to care for the trees.

Thirdly, extensive use has been made of the high quality sandstone the valley is renowned for.

More than 70 families took part in the first Grantham land-swap ballot with the second ballot to take place early in the new year.

Council is still in the preliminary planning stages for the land it now owns in the flood zone but the most likely uses will include parklands, community market gardens and farming. A new commercial district is planned.

Grantham Links
Grantham Development Plan (500KB PDF)
Grantham Landscape Plan (2.5MB PDF)

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